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Since March 2020 our Academy has been hosting a series of webinars with current and former professional players, coaches, managers and recruitment specialists. The aim of these webinars is to share knowledge and to support our coaches, players & their parents. The webinars have proved to be very popular with people tuning in from all over the world. 


11th February 2021 @ 6.30pm GMT

Current Leicester City Academy coach Shamus Beaglehole

17th February 2021@ 7pm GMT

Arsenal defender and Northern Ireland International Daniel Ballard joins us to talk about nearly being released from Arsenal twice, coming back from injury and the joy of representing Northern Ireland on the International stage. 




22nd February 2021@ 7pm GMT

Current Northern Ireland International Niall McGinn joins us to talk about his journey into professional football and to give us some top tips on how to improve your skills. 

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